VineCraft is our traditional wine line. We specialize in artisan, small-batch quality wines.

Whether your preference leans toward dry or sweet, white or red, we have something to offer. With a variety of wines, we can satisfy a variety of palates.


Wedding Grove White

Named after the wedding grove nestled on our location, It offers a little sweetness and a little spice, (as all good marriages do…). This wine is both soft and subtle.

Preferably chilled


A refreshing dry blend of white grapes. Fruit forward with floral notes.

Preferably chilled


A rose by any other name is… still a rose, but a Rosé?

An easy-drinking dry Rosé, pairs nicely with fruits, salads, and the heat of summer. Preferably served chilled.


A blend of four of our favorite grapes, this is an easy-drinking red wine. Berries, a hint of leather, licorice, and smoke.

Well-balanced, goes great with pasta and red meat.

Midnight Rendezvous

A bold red blend, best enjoyed with some company. Berries, a hint of tobacco, and you know there’s a little spice!


Taxi Cab

A big dark red, this won’t take you for a ride, unless you ask for it! Hints of black currant, dark cherry, and toasted oak.


Bella Bianca

An off-dry medium bodied white, this will take you back. Fruit forward with a slight citrus hint.

Bella Rosso

A dry medium bodied red table wine. Great with dinner or by the fire.

Chateau White

An off-dry balanced medium body white. Fruit forward with a hint of citrus.

Chateau Red

A medium-full bodied dry red. Fruit forward with a hint of pepper.

Lake Effect White

A dry medium body white wine. Slightly acidic, with hints of citrus and herbaceous flavors.

Preferably chilled

Lake Effect Red

A medium bodied wine, a great start to an evening, quiet or not. Slightly fruit forward, with a hint of oak and spice.

Latitude White

A balanced dry white wine, perfect in spring, summer, fall and winter. Fruit forward and slightly acidic.

Latitude Red

A rich, luxurious red, great before, during or after dinner. Darkly fruit forward with hints of vanilla, oak and spice.